Pei Chi Teh
Art Director

We worked with Megan Thee Stallion and Seize the Awkward to redefine the phrase “Black Don’t Crack”. A metaphor for the hard exterior Black women are expected to have, despite the challenges and struggles they have to endure.

Made with Lida Tozzi, Courtney Richardson, Jason Gan, Ant Tull, Martha Gill, Julia HeydemannJessica Pester & Chris Thomas at Droga5.

*** 2020 Summer Circus Student Show — Merit ***

Café Bustelo has one word for the people: ENERGY

Made with Pete Prendergast.

*** One Club Young Ones — Bronze Pencil ***

Burger King spends $50 million a year printing coupons on paper. So does their competition. We decided to make all competitor coupons Burger King coupons. 


Step 1: Burger King sends out the last ever paper coupon via direct mail.

Step 2:  Customers bring in our competitors’ coupons and shred them in exchange for Burger King digital coupons. 

Step 3: All shredded coupons are made into Burger King packaging.

Made with Alisha BranchBen McConnell.

*** 2020 Summer Circus Student Show — Gold ***

Everything in the universe is connected. Everything in the universe is one. Thus, there is only one cleaner needed to wash everything.

Made with Rich Forzano.

*** 2020 Atlanta Student ADDYs — Bronze ***

We all work so hard. The brand of relaxation is reminding you that there is nothing wrong with taking a day off.

Daily Excuses

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Hotline Billboard

what happens when you call the number:

Made with Martha ShaferRich Forzano.