Pei Chi Teh
Art Director

We partnered with Megan Thee Stallion and Seize the Awkward to encourage black women to be vulnerable about their mental health by interrogating the popular metaphor “Black Don’t Crack”. 


With our film as the launchpad, we took our message to social, creating the #GetRealWithMe movement, a twist on the popular “Get Ready With Me” trend that transformed the stereotype “Black Don’t Crack” into a platform for black women to share their mental health struggles. 

We made some GIFs for people to check in on their friends that now has over 137 million views combined.

Gold in Best Influencer Collaboration — Anthem Awards
Silver in Film, Video, Television or Show — Anthem Awards

Made at Droga5 with Lida Tozzi, Martha Gill, Julia Heydemann, Jason Gan, Ant Tull, Jessica Pester, Chris Thomas, Courtney Richardson, Kevin Brady. Directed by Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah.

The best experiences are made when we feel a deeper connection to the details. In this campaign, Michael B. Jordan celebrates the craft that Sapphire puts into its offerings—exploring the context, backstory and history behind each one.

The spots span across travel, dining, and the creation of Sapphire’s new airport lounge network.

Made at Droga5 with Lida Tozzi, Christian Maine de Biran, Daniel Freeda, Maria Kouninski, Jenny Yoon, Carrie Levy, Haywood Watkins. Directed by Bradford Young.

Burger King spends $50 million a year printing coupons on paper. So does their competition. We decided to make all competitor coupons Burger King coupons. 


Step 1: Burger King sends out the last ever paper coupon via direct mail.

Step 2:  Customers bring in our competitors’ coupons and shred them in exchange for Burger King digital coupons. 

Step 3: All shredded coupons are made into Burger King packaging.

Made with Alisha BranchBen McConnell.

Bronze Pencil — One Club Young Ones

Marmite + Sriracha = Marachamite

It sounded absurd, so we advertised it.

Say it with me. MA-RA-CHA-MITE.


Billboards for humans

Billboard facing the sky (for aliens)

Billboard in a pasture (for the cows)


Finally, our sauce packet business card. 

Made with Aaron Araya.

Everything in the universe is connected. Everything in the universe is one. Thus, there is only one cleaner needed to wash everything. 

Made with Rich Forzano.

Gold — Summer Circus Student Show